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I Did It!

Finally I have seen all my muses live. The 80's icons who inspired the characters in my novel series and lead me on this wonderful journey of writing! On December 2, I was able to travel to Atlanta to see Brian Setzer, who inspired the character of Douglas "Dagger" Meyers. It was an amazing show. Brian is an awesome performer! He brought everything to the show...Christmas, rockabilly and big band swing. I was bummed that I could not get any photos due to tight security, but I was just so happy to see this last muse of mine live. I've been a fan of Brian and his band The Stray Cats since I first saw "Rock This Town" on MTV. He was a cutie then and still is! The man seems to never stop touring, so I encourage everyone should they get a chance to catch his show. If you're not a fan, you will be! And if you are a fan, well you already know the treat that you are in for. During the last number, Santa came out scattering candy canes into the audience while snow fell from the ceiling! Great times! A show I'll never forget and hopefully not the last time I get to see this amazing man and his orchestra!

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