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Start the fire ebook cover.jpg
Book 1 of the Love on Fire series begins with the two main characters meeting during their senior year of high school and ends six years and one HUGE secret later. This book would fit into the genre of Rock Star Romance. It would also be considered New Adult Romance because of their ages, language, and sex scenes. The book also features the common tropes of ''Hate to Love" and "Opposites Attract". It takes Melody and Adrian a while to get it together as a couple. Melody is a virgin and her first sex scene is tastefully and sweetly done.  The other sex scene  is toward the end of the book. There's only two this go around. Explicit language throughout the book. (they are teenage punk rockers). Out of five flames this is a three. 
burned by the fire ebook cover.jpg

Burned by the Fire is book 2, and the heat level ramps up in this one. This one is a heart breaker with lots of drama that may make you angry and upset. Includes frequent sex scenes between the main characters who love one another, but are still at odds with one another. This book would also fall into the New Adult genre since the characters are in their early 20's. It's also a Rock Star Romance as well. Explicit language from our young rock stars. Four out of Five Flames! 

Raging fire ebook cover.jpg

Book 3 of Love on Fire...ahhh. Our main characters are now in their early 30's. They've come a long way and overcome many hardships. Things seem calm at first, but then some hell will break loose. The sex scenes are plentiful and steamy hot in this one. Melody is on equal par with Adrian with her sexual confidence. The rest of the band starts coupling up, but their love stories will come later. There is explicit language as usual. (I just can't get Adrian to stop cursing!) A traumatic scene may disturb some readers in this Rock Star, Erotic Romance. This one I'd rate five out of five flames.

through the fire ebook cover .jpg

Love on Fire Book 4 switches from Adrian and Melody to Kat and his lady love. Kat is the bass player of the band and Adrian's best friend. There aren't as many sex scenes in this one because it's a new romance and the female character is being put through a nasty divorce situation. But there are a few steamy scenes that include explicit language. The language has been taken down a notch because well, it's Kat, not Adrian. It's a Rock Star, Erotic romance that includes all the new characters from the last book and brings back a few characters from previous books as well. Three out of five flames.

hearts ignited cover.jpg

Hearts ignited has just been released. This is book 5 in the Love on Fire series and focuses on Buzzy's love interest. This one only has a couple of sex scenes in it, but they are explicit. Before I began writing I was wondering how to approach a serious sex scene with the most unserious of all my characters. Well, I just went with it, and let Buzzy be his usual silly self. Three out of five stars. 

eternally wild book cover new 2.jpg

Eternally Wild is the first book in the Love and Lush series. It is about overcoming addiction and loss of loved ones, as well as a very romantic and very sexy love story. Because there is a character who is a ghost/angel/spirit this book fits under the genre of Paranormal romance as well as Rock Star and Erotic romance. There is a lot of explicit sex in this one which includes a mfm threesome. So what if one guy has been dead sixteen years? Bad boy Johnnie Vega likes to curse as well. This one is definitely a five out of five flames.

heaven sent book cover 2.jpg

Heaven Sent is the sequel to Eternally Wild. Bring your tissues for this one too! Due to the circumstances that happen in this book, Johnnie and Melanie are going to be separated. Because of that there are only a handful of sex scenes. They are explicitly written and as usual Johnnie loves to throw those curse words around. This Rock Star romance with its paranormal twist is a three out of five flames on the heat scale. 

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