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About Me

     Creativity has always played a role in my life.  I began dance lesson at three, then baton lessons at age seven. During my childhood, I was a voracious reader with an active imagination.  Many times I got in trouble for daydreaming in school and at home.  What the adults never realized was that I was creating stories in my mind. 

     As a teenager I took up photography and a few years ago I rediscovered the art of the camera. At eighteen, I went to college to study broadcast journalisn so I could be an MTV VJ.  But love got in the way, and ten years later I found myself reentering college to study Communications. 

     My thirties were about discovering who I was and what path to take in life.  I was met with many disapointments in my career until I began teaching, specifically teaching writing.  I absolutely love working with words and enjoy passing that love on to my students.  As I approached  forty, my life took another turn when I enrolled in bellydance classes.  My passion for dance was reignited.  I have performed all over Northeast Florida and now teach the class where it all began.

     With my career in full swing, my feet once again dancing, and my eye on the viewfinder of my camera, there was only one creative dream left to fufill.  Getting my stories published.  It was something always simmering on the backburner.  Over the years, I had returned to my first manuscript, to revise and rewrite, loving the characters I had created. I had also written the sequel and began planning out a second sequel.  But as I approached my fiftieth birthday I knew it was time get serious about finding a publisher.  Now the dream of becoming a writer is a reality.  My characters have come to life, not just for me but for the world and I am ecstatic to be able to share yet another of my creative passions!

     Life for me hasn't always been easy and there have been obstacles along the way.  There have been many times I've wanted to give up, and other times I just got complacent with life.  I'm glad I found the inspiration around me to move forward and continue with my creative endeavors.

    Remember that while some people realize their dreams early in life  others of us have  to wait a bit longer.  The important thing is to keep dreaming , do the things that bring you joy and move forward!




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