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Meet the Characters of the "Love on Fire" Series


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       Adrian "Bolt" Hall carries the emotional scars of a tragic childhood on his heart, never allowing anyone to get too close.  Music is the one thing he's passionate about.  He joined Lightning as their lead singer shortly after arriving at River View High. He dreams of becoming a rock star and refuses to allow anything or anyone to get in his way.  He's bossy, self centered, and easily angered. Adrian's journey to become a man capable of opening his heart to love and who can control his rage is the core of the Love on Fire series.

     Melody Stewart comes from a wealthy family.  Prior to enrolling in River View High School, she attended an all girls boarding school near London.  Because of this she's not experienced with guys or dating. Melody is strong willed and stubborn. Despite her wealth, Melody gets along with everyone and aspires to become a doctor in order to help people.  

     Although the two of them have very little in common, Annette Hall has a soft spot for her cousin, Adrian.  She puts up with him and helps him whenever possible.  But she's also willing to call him out when he's being an jerk.  Which is most of the time. Annette is the loyal friend every woman needs.

       Keith "Kat" Williams is Lightning's bass guitarist and the quintessential tall, dark, and handsome guy.  He's mature, level headed and  the only person Adrian fully trusts.  Kat doesn't take any crap from his best friend which at times infuriates Adrian.  Kat's dad was also a musician and a big influence. His mother, an alcoholic, has also had a huge impact on his life. He has little tolerance for drinking and addictions.

     Sporting a rockabillly look and armfuls of tattoos, Doug "Dagger" Meyers is the band's lead guitarist and oldest member.  He's always serious and usually quiet, assessing situations before giving his opinion. Having a mother who is a psychologist probably helped him develop these traits. The band relies on him for authentic advice.

     John "Buzzy" Thomas, Lightning's keyboardist, is the jokester of the band.  He loves to tease his bandmates and crack jokes on a constant basis to keep everyone laughing. Sometimes though his big mouth can cause a lot of trouble. As a kid he found refuge with Ringo's large Italian family while his single mom worked to support him.

   Anthony "Ringo" Barber is the group's drummer.  He and Buzzy have known one another since childhood and are best friends.  Ringo is a follower type and goes along with whatever the guys are doing. He is sweet and lovable and more than a little naive.  His family is Italian and conservative so his being in a punk rock band is not something they are particularly fond of.

Adam Bryant is Annette's high school sweetheart. He was River View High's senior class president and got along with everyone. Adrian didn't mind Annette dating Adam. Being a nerdy type, Adrian assumed Adam would be the safe choice for his cousin. 

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