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Burned by the Fire

Love on fire, Book 2

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      After five years of separation Melody and Adrian are together once again and along with their daughter, Adrianna, are planning a happy future. Adrian’s band, Lightning, is a worldwide success and Melody is on her way to becoming a doctor.
    However, Adrian’s plans to take time off from music to get reacquainted with his family are thwarted by a contractual agreement he must fulfill. With the band forced to hit the road again, the couple’s world begins to spin out of control as Melody becomes the object of desire for one of Adrian’s longtime friends. Adding fuel to the fire is Adrian’s former lover who will stop at nothing to get back into his bed. As the tour moves from city to city, the doubts and mistrust build. Suspicions turn into arguments. Arguments turn into fights. Fights into separations.
    Adrian and Melody’s relationship is tested in the cruelest possible ways.
    Will their fiery love survive? Or is it destined to turn to ash?



     “Have any of you seen Melody?” Adrian asked returning to the dressing room. The first show had gone exceptionally well. Now all he wanted was to be with his wife.

     The guys glanced around at one another.

     “No,” Dagger answered finally. “We figured you’d be the first to find her.”

    “I’ve looked all over. No sign.”

     Ringo took a swig of beer. “Maybe she didn’t come.”

     “Why wouldn’t she?” He scowled. He didn’t feel like another argument with his drummer.

     “You upset her earlier.” Ringo eased off the couch and headed for the door. “Besides, the way you were cavorting on stage with Tempest, it’s probably best if she stayed at the hotel.”

     Before Adrian could respond, Ringo was out the door, slamming it behind him.

     The other guys stared at him. In their eyes, he saw questions.

     “What? Don’t look at me that way. It’s a fucking show.”

     Kat shook his head. “I’m with Ringo. If Melody was here, she’ll be even more upset. You and Tempest grinding on one another? Practically feeling one another up? You know it’s going to be all over the papers tomorrow.”

     “I did the same shit with Sharice on the American tour.”

     “You never fucked Sharice,” Kat reminded him.

     Buzzy laughed out loud. “Sharice’s husband is like six-five and three hundred pounds.”

     “What team does he play for?” Dagger asked.

     “Da Bears.” Buzzy smiled and smacked a fist against his opposite hand. “A linebacker. The ones who crush the competition.”

     Adrian threw up his hands. “This is ridiculous.”

     “Because it’s the truth?” Kat glared at him.

     “Fuck you!” Sneering, Adrian left so he wouldn’t have to hear any more of their stupid accusations. What the hell is up with my band? Lately, it seemed like they were always ganging up on him.


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