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     What happens when an angry punk rocker who's full of  himself meets a privileged, young woman fresh out of a private prep school...a girl unafraid to go toe to toe with him and call him out on being an ass?  You have one of the most fiery love stories ever written! The Love on Fire series centers around the punk rock band, Lightning.  The first three novels follow the romantic evolution of Melody and Adrian. It's the classic "opposites attract" story that will play with all your emotions as the couple  search for their happy ending.  Will they find it?   
      Begin the journey with them by reading,  "Start the Fire", which follows the couple as they meet in high school and fight their growing feelings for one another. With "Burned by the Fire", the couple enters young adulthood trying desperately to keep their relationship afloat as others plot against them. In Book 3, "Raging Fire", finds the couple still passionately in love, facing new challenges, and still trying to keep it together.
     For book 4, Through the Fire, we switch gears and main characters. Kat who has been Adrian's loyal friend and bass player will lead this book as he begins a relationship with someone who has been his friend for years. It won't be easy because her husband doesn't want to let her go just yet.      
   If you enjoy books with lots of drama that focus on true love, hot sex, and solid friendships all with a backdrop of rock and roll, then the Love on Fire series may just be your cup of tea.

No girl will ever replace my music. The band is my life.

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