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When the Curtain Falls




     My head whipped around at the sound of my name, my heart racing into overdrive. I dropped the roses as I raised my phone. The gorgeous man I’d seen at the restaurant sat in the corner atop the balcony’s concrete wall.

     Glancing at the sliding door, I calculated how many seconds it would take to get inside and lock it. Can I make it?

     “I’m not here to hurt you.”

     My eyes narrowed as I inched closer to escape.

     “Please, don’t go. I’ll leave.” He stood up on the concrete wall.

     My eyes widened. We were twenty-five floors up. If he falls…

     With my voice a few octaves higher, I yelled,      “What are you doing?”

     Grinning, he pointed toward the suite next door. “Going back the way I came.”

     Walking closer, I directed the light behind him. There was a decorative outcrop of stone that led from one suite to the other. It was about five inches wide. Maybe.

     “You walked on that ledge?” I asked. “Are you insane?”

     “Some have said so.”

     “Get down!” I ordered. “You can go back through my room.”

     He smiled, his perfect teeth gleaming. My pulse switched into hyperdrive, this time because I was reminded of how stunning he was.

     As he hopped from the wall, I sized him up. He’d traded his leather jacket and boots for a black zip-up hoodie and sneakers. He was tall, a little over six foot, I estimated. About half a foot taller than me. I could take him down if it came to that.

     He reached for the roses I’d dropped, then sniffed them. “Don’t forget these.”

     Snatching them away, I moved backward toward the door. I stumbled over the threshold. He reached out and grabbed me before I fell.

      I jerked my arm from his grasp, dropping the roses again. “Don’t touch me.”

     “I swear I won’t hurt you.” He scooped up the flowers. “You seem determined to lose these.”

     His deep, brown eyes pleaded for my trust. I wanted to turn away from them but couldn’t. Not only because I needed to be careful, but also because they were too beautiful. Heavily lidded. Bedroom eyes. That’s what they called eyes like his. Dreamy, seductive, and very alluring.

     Is he an actor? A model? Although I was no longer in the industry, I still watched movies, but I didn’t recognize his face. And his face was one you wouldn’t forget.

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