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Heaven Sent

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A father's love?


Johnnie Vega knows of no such thing.

As a child, instead of receiving praise for his musical expertise, Johnnie garnered criticism and ridicule from his dad. The sting of his father's rejection lit a fire inside Johnnie. He vowed to prove his worth not only to his father, but the world.

Together with his band, Lush, Johnnie rose to superstardom. But the fame and fortune that the bad boy drummer found didn't heal the wounds of his childhood. Instead, it fueled his destructive behaviors. And when his best friend, Caesar Blue, died in a tragic accident, Johnnie's world crumbled. No matter how many times he checked himself into rehab, the demons of his past would not loosen their grip on him.

Until Melanie.

The gift of love sent from his lost friend, means everything to him. With Melanie's love and support, Johnnie found the strength to get sober. In Melanie, he has found a happiness he has never known. And together, they have created new life.

The man who grew up at odds with his father, will now be a father himself.


When the baby arrives early, Johnnie is faced with the worst possible outcome. Raising his child alone.

Can he face a future without Melanie? Does he even want to?

As his doubts take seed and grow, Johnnie finds himself losing his will to go on...and his will to stay sober.

There's only one person who can help Johnnie, but he died long ago.

But if Caesar returned from the dead once, surely he can do it again.


     “Johnnie, where are you? I’m waiting by the cribs?”

     Johnnie cradled his phone against his ear as he pulled out his wallet to pay the cashier. “I’m in the electronics department.”

     “You said you were going to the restroom.”

     “I did. But I got sidetracked.”

     “We’re here to buy for the baby, not for you.”

     “I am buying for the baby. I’ll be there in a second. I promise.”

     “You’d better hurry or I’m picking everything out myself.”

     Johnnie put the bag with his purchase in the cart with the other item he intended to buy at the front check out. He wheeled the cart as fast as he could to the baby department where Melanie was waiting with her own cart.

     “Ta Da! I’m here, baby.”

      “What is this?” Melanie asked when she saw the box with the toddler drum set in it.  “We’re buying for a newborn. This is for ages two to four.”

      Johnnie shrugged. “He’ll be two eventually.”

     “And what else did you buy?” Melanie examined the contents of the bag. “Beats? Johnnie, I said buy for the baby, not you.”

      “These are for the baby. We’re going to put them on your belly so he can listen to music.”

     She shook her head. “You are too much.”

     “Isn’t that why you love me?”

     “One of the reasons.” She smiled sweetly.

     He drew her closer and kissed her neck. “Could another reason be the size of my dick?”

     A passing couple gasped, looking mortified.

     “Johnnie!” Melanie’s cheeks turned pink, but when the couple was out of hearing range, she leaned in and whispered. “Yes, that’s another reason, but also because you know how to use it very well.”

     “Then there’s the magic tongue.” Johnnie stuck out his tongue and wagged it.

     Another couple stared at them with their eyes wide.

     “Yes, that, too,” she whispered again. “Now please stop. You’re attracting too much attention.”

     “But I like attention. You should know that,” he said loudly. He waved his arm around at the other couples. “It’s not like they’ve never had sex. That’s why we’re all in this department, isn’t it?”

      Another father-to-be smiled. “Hell yeah!”

     Johnnie gave him a high five. “We’re having a boy. Just found out today.”

     “Same here. Congrats,” the man said before moving down the aisle with his clearly embarrassed wife.

     “Alright back to shopping, babe.” Johnnie walked along the aisle of cribs. He inspected a few before turning to Melanie.       “Which one do you like best?”

She ran her hands along the rail of one floor model. “There’s too many to choose from. I can’t decide.”

     “What about this one.” He examined the information tag attached to the crib, then looked back to Melanie. “Says it converts to a toddler bed when the baby’s big enough.”

     “That’s a great idea.” She came to him and read the tag as well.

     “What color should we get?”

“Personally, I like the natural colored wood.”

     “But white matches better with blue.”

     “You’re honestly going to decorate his room in blue?” Johnnie huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. “How cliché.”

     She smiled and yanked his arms down. “Okay, Mr. Vega. What would you suggest?”

     “Green.” He grabbed the ticket for the crib, then pushed the cart further down the aisle. “Follow me.”

     He led her to the baby bedding.

“See this.” He pointed to a bedding set that had a jungle theme. It was decorated with lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and monkeys. “What do you think?”

     “How did you know about these?”

     “I did my homework.” He grabbed the baby comforter. “We could paint the nursery the same green that’s in the blanket.”

     She was staring at him, her mouth open.

     “What? You don’t like it?”

     “I love it.” She pressed her lips against his. “And I love you.”

     He chuckled. “Thick dick. Magic Tongue. Excellent decorating skills. What’s not to love?”

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