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Book 4???

I honestly thought I was done when I finished Book 3, Adrian and Melody. The couple has come full circle. It seemed like the happiest of endings had finally arrived. But then something magical happened.

You see Book 3 is going to introduce a LOT of new characters. And the more I wrote about these new characters and their story lines, I thought, hmmmm...why not write new novels with THESE characters. They are all part of the "Love on Fire'' series, so why not carry on with them? Then it was a matter of "who do I write about first?".

Well, I took a anecdote from Book 3 and turned it into the prologue of Book 4. The book will overlap with Book 3 regarding time frame but with different scenes and points of view before heading full speed into a new story line.

I also took the time this summer to "interview'' my fictional band, Lightning, and post that interview on my website. The interview takes place during the time period in Book 1 but isn't part of the novel. It is meant to give a peek inside the minds of my band and hints at Book 1's story line. So I consider it a companion piece.

With the ideas that are floating inside my head, I decided I'll be able to at least get four more books out from these characters. But, then I began thinking, why not continue Adrian and Melody's story?

They'll be older of course, but there are a few loose ends that could turn into another book for them as well.

Oh I could keep writing about these characters forever! I do love them so much. Maybe it's because I see my 1980's rock icons in them as I write and I can always go watch videos or listen to music from my muses to inspire me even more.

One hint about Book 4 I will give away is that revolves around another band member's growing romance. I won't say which band member in spoilers!

In the meantime, here's a collage of my muses, and the stock photography models i found to rep them!

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