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Sex, No Drugs, and Rock and Roll?

Some people may read "A Melody for Adrian" and think to themselves, "Where are the drugs? These guys are in a punk rock band, they should be doing drugs?" I made a decision to not have drugs in the first book (although there will be some issues in book 2) for a simple reason. I've never done any illegal drugs and have zero experience with them. Therefore, I didn't want my band to have anything to do with them either.

The problem of course is making that believable since drugs and rock and roll seem to go hand in hand. So, I built a backstory for two members of Lightning which would have them turned off by drugs and addiction. Adrian's stepmother is a drug addict and because of it, treated him horribly and eventually foreced him out of his childhood home. Kat's mother is an alcoholic and although the other band members drink, Kat loathes it and is very vocal about it.

Adrian, however, does have his own addiction problem that doesn't involve alcohol or drugs. His weakness is sex. Let's face it, he's a man whore. You can speculate as to why. Could it be due to his mother leaving him and now he's trying to find love and acceptance through sex? Or is he just a typical guy who's taking advantage of the fact that girls throw themselves at him? Whatever the reason, sex will always be a huge part of Adrian's life, whether he's with different girls all the time, or with the ONE girl he falls for.

It's because of this, that it was difficult to find a publisher for my work. Explicit sex scenes were just not the norm for so very long. Although I didn't like "50 Shades of Grey" myself, I'm thankful that due to it's success, the marketing of erotic romance stories, is much easier these days!

When you read "A Melody for Adrian", forget the fact that the guys aren't shooting, snorting or smoking and just focus on the friendship and comraderie they have...and, oh yeah, the sex!

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