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  • Cherié Summers

Random Michael Hutchence/Eternally Wild Thoughts

Last night, I had no magazines to read, so I grabbed my promo copy of Eternally Wild with the new cover. (if I find any errors I can always make changes through Amazon easily). I randomly opened to a page and began reading and got caught up in the story...and I wrote the damn thing. I am proud of that book. I believe it's my best book as far as writing skills and breathing life into characters. I have one person to thank and that's Michael Hutchence. You can believe me or not, but I felt that man's presence when I wrote the book. It was a dream I had about him that inspired the story and I felt him with me every step of the way as the words flowed from me. I wrote it fast. Three months for over 100k words. With the sequel I didn't feel the same presence and it was much more difficult to write and took longer even though it's a lot shorter. It's eerie and yet strangely satisfying to think about. Both books are dedicated to Michael though. Without the first there would not have been a second. Of course other Hutchence fans have told me how Michael inspires them and how in love they are with him. Funny thing is, although I loved INXS and thought Michael was amazing, I've always been a Jon Farriss fan, and love him so much....but while writing Eternally Wild, my interest in INXS was renewed, and I listened to songs I'd never paid attention to before, and have become an even bigger fan of the band. And I can say that I adore Michael for what he brought to my life and my writing.

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