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Summer News

A lot of exciting things tend to happen in summer, don't they? For me it's a time when I can really delve more into writing, promotion, and research. This summer was no different.

First, happy to announce that Heaven Sent will be released in August. NO exact date just yet but we are working on the last round of edits. I've already got a cover design ready so hopefully once the edits are finalized we're a go! That means I have a ''series''. I named it Love and Lush and if you've read the first book, then you should know why.

Because of the cover I created for Heaven Sent, I started to reflect of the cover of Eternally Wild. Even though I love the concept, the photo I used was so grainy, it really doesn't have a strong appeal to those who might be zipping through Amazon ads. So I decided to change it. The collage on the cover now is the same one i use in my promotional materials for the book. It's a good fit and looks great next to Book 2, Heaven Sent.

On the writing home front, I've been working on the next book in the Love on Fire series. This will be book 5 and will focus on Buzzy's story. He has become one of my favorite characters in the series because he's hilarious. Unfortunately, he's going to have to go through the emotional wringer to get to true love. Even as the writer, it's hard for me to do that to him.

My next project will hopefully be a book inspired by Jason Momoa. The story is in my head, it just needs to be on paper. I actually wrote two paragraphs, and then told myself, wow this is going to take a lot of research. I abandoned the project for now, and focused on the characters I already love and know.

That's been my focus for summer. Of course I've also indulged in a little photography, shopping, and as always have been looking after the feral cats as well as those I call my own. Fall will be here soon, a little relief from the Florida heat and constant thunderstorms that pop up and keep me from mowing my yard. I've got Walker Stalker in ATL to look forward to as well as my daughter's wedding. I'll keep you posted!

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