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  • Cherié Summers

Wow! It's been awhile! Long enough to write a book!

I can't believe it's been this long since I've written a blog post. Where does the time go? Most of it to my day job. And then there have been concerts and cons with my daughter! (I met Jason Momoa and many of the Walking Dead cast) Plus, I've been working really hard on my new novel, "Eternally Wild". This book means so much to me and I want it to be perfect!

In my previous blog, I mentioned how the idea for this story came to be. I finished the first draft in March. A mere four months after I started. Yesterday, I sent it off to my editor to begin that process. I love this story. I hope my readers love it, too. I am looking forward to gaining new readers since paranormal romance seems to be a huge market these days. There's a lot of people telling me on social media and at a recent signing event that this was the book of mine they are interested in reading. I'm doing this one a little different. I'm striking out on my own and going to self publish it to Amazon. It's a risk but I'm willing to try and see what sort of response I get. I do all my promoting and advertising now, so may as well add editing and formatting to the list of duties as well.

Michael Hutchence got me started on this book and he kept me going. I listened to my INXS music and discovered new songs I love. I watched countless videos of the band's performances and interviews with them as well. I even watched Michael's funeral which I'd never seen before and don't wish to again. How unbearable that pain must have been for his family, both biological and musical. The rest of the band members gave a great interview to "60 Minutes: Australia" where they said they know when Michael is with them. They gather together and it begins to storm, and they know he is there. They have been brave to go on without him, in the face of criticism that NO ONE can replace Michael. The man was larger than life, but truth is, and Michael would also say this, "INXS was a six member group, not a one man group."

The character of Caesar Blue is in some ways a lot like Michael and in many other ways he isn't. Michael was the muse, Caesar is the special fictional character inspired by him. But I will always give thanks to Michael for visiting me in that dream last summer and providing me with the inspiration to write, "Eternally Wild".

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