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A Busy Summer

I thought I'd have lots of time to write this summer. But, life happened as it is always prone to do. It started with the lawn mower breaking down on me. Not even a year old and already stopped running after using it what? Maybe three times? I have a huge backyard that is hard on mowers but that seemed a bit ridiculous. Then my phone stopped working. Worst of it is, I still owed money on it. LG4 apparently is crap and has a class action lawsuit getting geared up against it. Crazy! Then as i was doing a thorough top to bottom cleaning of the house and throwing out old crap, my dryer decided to stop working. And on July 4, kids in neighborhood decided to wipe out my mailbox. Seemed like one thing after another went down. It all spurred me to just sort of cleanse my house and buy new things, and fix old things I'd been neglecting. So in addition to repairs, I also got new furniture, had some rotted out trees taken down, and replaced my old fuse box system of electricity. YES! you read that right...fuse box. When all was said, done, replaced, and repaired, I had less than two weeks of my summer vacation left to enjoy. And my main goal of finishing Love on Fire, Book 4 seemed impossible. But, luckily it wasn't!

Last week, I completed book 4, which I won't give the title away just yet because it would be a spoiler to a major plot point in book 3. Just know that it is about Kat, Lightning's bass player, and Adrian's best friend. My muse for this character, John Taylor of Duran Duran, which mean's he's tall, with brown hair highlighted with gold, which matches his brown eyes which are also flecked with gold. He's been a loyal friend to both Adrian and Melody over the years and will put Adrian in his place quick when he gets out of line. Because of his mother's addiction to alcohol, he doesn't drink and while he had a love interest in book 2, she betrayed his trust, and honesty is something Kat values most.

Now if you read book 1, there was a bit of an Easter egg in it about who Kat ends up with. But if you haven't, well it will be a secret then until we get closer to a release date. First I must flesh out the book and do some editing. Then it will be off to the publisher.

I plan to next explore Buzzy's new relationship. But, first I want to play with an old manuscript of mine that has nothing to do with the Love on Fire crew.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and making the most of it!

Below is a photo of my model muse for Kat.

My model muse for the character of Kat

And here is the REAL life muse and inspiration for the character of Keith "Kat" Williams"

My real life  inspiration for the character of Kat

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