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Beauty and the Beast

Today, I went to see the new version of Beauty and the Beast with my daughter. It was always my favorite Disney movie and one of the first movies she and I shared together when she was young. As I watched in awe at the spectacular special effects and wonderful creation Disney came up with this time, I thought about the heart of the story. How love can transform a very unlikable character into a prince of a guy. I realized that my novel series is in a way that classical "opposites attract" and "true love conquers all" fairy tale that inhabits the story of Beauty and her Beast.

When the reader AND Melody first meet Adrian, he is a beast, feared by fellow classmates and even his band mates. He is rude, arrogant and could care less about other's feelings. Over the course of books 1 and 2 he begins to change. To do so he must deal with his past, overcome his fears of loving again, and learn to admit when he is wrong (which is a lot of the time). By book 3, readers will be surprised by the man he has become.

Melody on the other hand is the beauty. When we meet her she is a head strong young woman, unafraid to go against the grain of high school politics. Although Adrian is a social pariah, Melody sees something in him that suggests he is worthy of redemption. She knows through his friends that there is a good side to him, one that he keeps buried deep inside of him for fear of being betrayed and hurt as he was as a youngster. Melody is a good-hearted person and that sometimes poses problems, especially in Book 2. In the third installment, she's still a bit naive but I think it's balanced with that bravado that Adrian still has.

In the last scene of the movie, Belle asks Beast if he will consider growing a beard and he growls at her to show he hasn't lost all his beastly qualities. Not to worry, Adrian will still have a bit of beast in him as well, especially in regards to his insatiable sexual appetite. That will never go away....but what would happen if it did? Book 3 will give you answers and is coming soon!

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