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Book 3, Adrian and Melody is in the Publisher's hands

I had a difficult time letting this manuscript go. Kept feeling like it needed more...add more...edit more. Had to make sure EVERY timeline issue was perfect with the continuity and flow of the story so no dates were botched or in conflict. The perils of writing a series of books I suppose. I'm ecstatic about this particular story because it has a lot of twists, turns, new characters, and of course lots of sex.

My readers will find that Adrian has matured so much from the last book. He and Melody are going to be on equal footing in the relationship and they're really going to work together to solve their problems rather than turn on one another. There's also a lot of humor in this one, particularly with the character of Buzzy, who really cracks me up as I write his lines. There is another scene that brings me to tears every time I read it. It's between Adrian and Kat. In this book, every band member will end up with a love interest (except for the new drummer) so now the series will spin off to have their love stories told.

Some hints at what you'll find in Book 3, Adrian and Melody

1. The evil stepmother.

2. A lot of surprises involving the new drummer.

3. Someone entering Melody's world who is not who they claim to be.

4. The couple struggles to have another child.

5. A family friend getting caught with his pants down(literally). It shakes up the whole Love on Fire family.

6. Lots of sexy scenes!

There's so much to enjoy...and I can't wait to see it in print!

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