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Adrian's Melody has Arrived!

Release date has arrived! Super excited to now see TWO novels with my name listed on book selling lists across the world!

Readers who enjoyed the first book will love this sequel even more. But, I have to warn you. The story will put your heart through the ringer! There will be some hard subjects to deal with among the pages of Book 2. You'll definitely experience a full range of emotions.

Adrian "Bolt" Hall is still going through some changes. He's older, but not exactly wiser. His past is going to come back to haunt him in a couple of ways. The worst being the reappearance of Tempest, a past lover, whom he shared a bed with many times while he and Melody were apart and he was touring the world, becoming a rock star. She is going to shake things up and test their relationship.

Also shaking things up will be one of Adrian's best friends, who falls hard for his Melody. This will not only create strife in his marriage but also among the band members, who at this point in the series are on top of the world, basking in fame.

Adrian's going to have to do a lot of growing up in this book, and it won't be easy for him, Melody or the band. His stubborn, arrogant, angry ways are going to cause many problems and devastate everyone around him.

Do you think you're ready for all the romance, drama, heartache and SEX this book will be bringing?

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