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  • Cherie' Summers

The Journey HAS Just Begun

Book 2 in the Love on Fire series will be published later this year by Extasy Books. It continues the story of Adrian and Melody as they face their first year together as "adults". This book is very different from the first. The first novel was a push/pull of wills between two headstrong teenagers who hated admitting they're in love with one another. Book 2 explores Adrian's past as he tries to cope with a serious dilemma happening within his band and his relationship with Melody. It is sad, traumatic and serves as a dramatic transition for Adrian as he learns more about his past.

Book 3 is currently being written. I have always felt this would be a trilogy, but now as I write I am leaving doors open and am excited to explore new avenues with my characters. Each band member has the possibility of having their own spin off novel and now that children are beginning to enter the scene, those too may provide for stories in the future.

I see this moving forward in a positive way and am thrilled with the possibilities that have now have surfaced from Book 3. I absolutely love my characters and want to continue to write about them for as long as possible.

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