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2016 is here!

I meant to write a blog for the new year. But then realized I don't really get into this whole new year thing. To me, the new year begins on April 29, my birthday. That is when I take stock of my life and see what I want to accomplish before my next birthday.

Last year it was to get my book published. So, I ramped things up and got it done. I also wanted to meet Billy Idol. I got that done. Other great things that happened were meeting James Marsters and visiting Senoia, Georgia where The Walking Dead, my favorite television show, has filmed. 2015 was definitely a great year!

In April I am going to see Duran Duran which is extra important to me since two of my characters are inspired by group members. I've seen INXS and Jon Farriss so the last group inspiration would be Brian Setzer and I hope he visits a city near me so I can see him as well.

My priority right now is to sell books and I've been working hard to promote my first novel. I am also in the final editing stages for my sequel to A Melody for Adrian.

I continue to dance and take photos, although not as frequently as I used to. Writing has taken over and I am driven to be successful as a writer, so I am focusing on that more intensely than my other creative passions.

In April, I turn 51 and that will be my time to be more reflective of my accomplishments and of what I still hope to do with my life. Until then, I'll keep doing what I'm doing now...getting the word out about my novel!

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