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Summertime Madness!

Summer is here, and with it many days off from the day job. That gives me time to write, promote, etc.

I've been so busy with marketing (and it is paying off) that I've left little time to write. I am currently working on book 3 in my Love and Lush series. I also got the bug to do a book told from the various kids POV of Love on Fire. This will lead into me telling their grown up stories which will also bring them to a more current time line when I do.

I have two other books I haven't even looked at since last summer. They too are in the works so to speak. And I've been trying to get my second audiobook finished. I was working on it until last September when I got sick and lost my voice. Basically had to reteach myself how to use Adobe Audition. Don't use it, will definitely lose it for sure.

I joined tiktok and am also trying to learn that. I see authors on there writing many books a year, while it's all I can do to eek out ONE...ugh. I have to remind myself I'm not a full time writer. I joined this Facebook group where the authors post how much money they're making and that's a bit off putting as well because I just started making a little money although I'm spending a lot on advertising. I'm trying to stay motivated to keep doing this. Today while I was clearing a closet to paint, I found several stories I wrote back in middle and high school. Obviously writing was something I'd been wanting to do for a long time. I do feel I have a gift for it, so I need to keep at it and hopefully I can be successful at it someday!

Now here's a photo of Billy to make you laugh!

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