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A new year, a new era for my books!

2021 is off to a great start for me personally as an author. As of December 31, 2020, I now hold the rights to my first four books. My publisher relinquished them back to me, and I am beyond thrilled. While I am forever thankful and grateful to Extasy Books for giving me my first published book, and for teaching me so much about being an author, I knew it was time for me to break ranks and become a full time Indie author.

My first four books are part of my Love on Fire series. When it was first published right away I was not happy with the cover art, and that steadily got worse over the next three books. I was never happy, but basically had no control over the cover. I even asked to hire my own artist, or even create my own covers only to be told no. The second issue I had was with marketing. As an indie publisher, the marketing and selling were up to me. I had very little sales despite spending money and time promoting them like crazy.

As I went out into the world of authors and began speaking to indie authors, I realized the way to go was to publish my own books. It's so easy to do these days which is why EVERYONE thinks they are an author and the market is flooded with books. My Love and Lush series was published independently, and that mean I had total control and earned all the money from selling them. So, I couldn't wait for the day when I could do the same for my Love on Fire series.

And that day has come. My books have been completely rebranded with new covers, titles and edits. I sold 14 books in less than a week which is more than those books have sold in the last two years. So this new venture seems very promising to me. I love everything about the books now and am promoting the hell out of them. I have a book signing coming up in March that I'm super excited about, and have asked to be on another podcast.

So 2021 is looking good so far! Let's hope it continues to be a year of creativity and promise!

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27 мая 2021 г.

On October 30, 1985, not far from my house, we lost our lives... Im so ready to die now (Im a Near Death Experiencer - saw a lil of Seventh-Heaven): to live! love! exponentially! to VitSee-harmony for eternity!! 2RITE w/a passion 999×999×999+ milliquadrillion... novels in ♡OUR♡ exalted, extravagant excess!!! Are you? If you aint, miss gorgeous, why donchoo make like a choochoo and high-tail it into Seventh-Heaven so we can eternally party-hardy, girl (skuze d’New Joisey axent).


27 мая 2021 г.

Miss Gorgeous...

I write uncivilized: fulla conundrums, fulla endorphins; plus! gottagobbalotta timeless, saucy, rare-metal-moxie: rude, crude and so, so Miss Construed while sassy, savvy and quite sub/dude. Wannum? Alla'm?? ♡ ♡ -GBY! ADDENdUMb (<- like bookends): fall in love with Seventh-Heaven where I visited; our blogOwamma shows you how with H A R D C O R E, S E M P E R /F I (Latin: always faithful) Z E A L O T R Y!!! you N i cannot stay here (after death). I know. Im a NDEr. Love you. Cya soon. be@peace!

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