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Duran Duran 32 Years Later!

On April 15, I was lucky enough to see Duran Duran for the first time in 32 years. I traveled to Atlanta to see them perform at the Philips theater. What an amazing show. I enjoyed them more now than I did back when I was 19. Back in 1984, we were a bunch of screaming teens just there to see those gorgeous guys and we yelled so loud, no one could even hear the songs they were playing. The crowd was crushing one another and several times, Simon had to stop and say "Everyone go back four steps". He explained a few times that people were getting hurt and they didn't want that. This time, the crowd was older (though still very enthusiastic) and we certainly appreciated the music just as much as we still loved these four hot NOW OLDER and WISER men. The show was perfection. There was one poignant moment (which now seems so devastating) when Simon dedicated "Save A Prayer" to Prince who he said was ailing. Little did we know a week later, The Purple One, would be gone from this world.

I left the show feeling very inspired as a writer. Two of my characters, Kat and Buzzy, were inspired by John Taylor and Nick Rhodes. Buzzy is actually very different from the cool, sophisticated Nick Rhodes that I know and love but still he provides me with desire to write about this character. As I'm writing the third book in the Love on Fire Series, I'm becoming very attached to Buzzy and his crazy antics and hope to create another book with him as the lead character. I do feel John Taylor's vibes coming through Kat at times, and I hope to also create a book with a focus on him as the lead as well.

Last year when my first book was published, I thought this would be a three book series, but with the way the third book is flowing out, I believe I can continue the series with a focus on other characters, and perhaps the children they bring into this world as well.

And seeing Nick and John after 32 years gave me another push into that direction!

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