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Good Girl/Bad Boy

One movie moment that stood out to me as a young girl was when Sandy from "Grease" had to become a "Bad Girl" to get her man. I remember thinking, "why does she have to change, why can't he?" It bothered me, probably because I would have been considered that "good girl" and I didn't want to have to be "bad" to get a guy.

So, when I was 18 and began to write the very first draft of "A Melody for Adrian", I knew I did not want a female lead who had to change to be with the man of her dreams. In fact, I wanted my "Bad Boy" to change for her (although he wouldn't admit to it).

When we first meet Adrian "Bolt" Hall, he is bitter due childhood traumas that have taken away people he loved. He lashes out in anger when he can't have things his way. Enter the "Good Girl" Melody, who radiates sunshine and happiness. She makes friends easily with anyone and everyone. The complete opposite of Adrian. She's also a virgin while Adrian will screw any female who offers themselves up to him. Of course this means lots of frustration and fireworks ahead! But most good romance stories require trials and tribulations before getting to happy ever after!

While Adrian does change quite a bit, in the end he is still Adrian, a

rebel who is quick to anger and possessive. He has matured a bit, and opened his heart to someone new, BUT he still has a long way to go in healing completely. AND that's where the sequel "Adrian's Melody" comes in.

It was during the writing of the sequel when I realized that this series is really Adrian's story. His journey. Melody is a constant, a strong willed young woman fighting for those she cares about, who is smart and has goals she works hard to obtain. Adrian is in the one in a constant flux of change, up and down on the emotional roller coaster as he learns to cope with the past, deal with his present and CHANGE himself to ensure his future with Melody.

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