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  • Cherie' Summers

The Idol Inspiration

It's obvious to many, especially those who know me, who inspired the character of Adrian "Bolt" Hall. Since 1983, I have been a Billy Idol fan! As a young fan of eighteen, the story came to me in a dream and I immediately began writing it down. Being that young, I was inexperienced in sex as well as in writing. So, over the years, the story of Adrian and Melody evolved. The HEAT ramped up, and the writing became more polished and professional. Being a female writer, I thought for a long time I was telling Melody's story. But I realized recently, it's really Adrian's journey that most resonates in the story and drives it forward. Even more so in the sequel I've written.

About that Idol connection. If you go back to Pre MTV Billy Idol, you find he was in a band called Generation X that was a big success in the London punk scene. It's these songs that I listen to most when I write. They are very young and fresh and help take me back to that time. Adrian Hall may have heard Generation X himself and been inspired creatively in his wardrobe and in his song catalog. Like many punk rock stars, he changed his name and developed an attitude against authority. Much of his anger is rooted in familial break ups. This is where my connection to my Idol stops.

So while Adrian may have the platinum spiked hair, blue eyes, plump lips, and high cheekbones that a certain famous punk rocker also has, he is a creation of fiction. His family story has shades of my own childhood, and his inability to allow people to get too close, is also rooted in my own background.

I will be meeting Billy Idol on September 18th of this year. It is my gift to myself for turning 50 and for loving this man so much that I created a whole fictional world inspired by his persona and looks. I would love for him to read my books, but I know he prefers biographies and history. Hopefully I'll have the chance to express to him how thankful I am for the inspiration he brings me everyday!

I'm sure Melody is thankful as well!

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