Love and Lush

     The Love and Lush series currently consists of two books, Eternally Wild and Heaven Sent.

     The first book was inspired by a dream I had about meeting the ghost of Michael Hutchence when I was out shopping. Although I never intended to write a sequel, Michael kept popping up in my dreams along with my inspiration for Johnnie Vega, Jon Farriss. I felt like I'd  rushed through Johnnie's recovery and didn't take his addiction seriously enough. I wanted to explore that aspect of his character and I've done that in Heaven Sent. (have tissues ready) 

     I can't say whether or not I'll explore the lives of Caesar, Johnnie, and Melanie again. For now I think their story is done, but I thought that when I finished the first book. So who knows? I do know you'll enjoy Love and Lush if you give it a read!