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When I finished and published Eternally Wild, I planned on it being a stand alone novel. However, things do change. After a 3 star reviewer commented on a few things that bothered her, and then again finding some inspiration from dreams about Michael and Jon (again), I decided to attempt to write a book from Johnnie Vega's point of view.

Honestly, after dating an alcoholic and learning quite a bit about the struggle to overcome addiction, I knew that I did gloss over Johnnie's addiction in Eternally Wild. But only because it was not a prominent story line. The man had been in and out of rehab and could go stretches of time without drinking himself into oblivion so it was easy to get him to sober up once and for all. For the new book though I want to delve into the dark recesses of his mind and focus more on his struggle to get sober and stay sober. Because it is a serious issue for someone to deal with.

So far the story furthers the story line begun in Eternally Wild, but I'm thinking about putting flashbacks into the story to show how far he has indeed come in his fight to overcome his addiction. As usual, there will be lots of drama, humor, and romance in the book. Will Caesar make an appearance though? In the flashbacks he would, and I definitely want him to appear at some point in the story. Not in a romantic way as he was in the first book, but because he's Johnnie's best friend, he would come in that capacity.

The most important thing is to please my readers with a satisfying story of character growth and true love.

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